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Widen Enterprises

Widen Enterprises

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Business Description

Widen builds high-performing software that empowers organizations to create compelling, meaningful, and measurable digital experiences. Focused on service and fueled by a global community of users, Widen has the highest customer loyalty in its industry. Our digital asset management (DAM) platform spans across brand management, content lifecycle management, and creative management, serving 450,000+ people at over 600 influential brands around the world. Customers include LG, Energizer, Trek, Zeiss, Cornell University, the Atlanta Falcons, Red Gold Tomatoes, Carnival Cruise Line, Yankee Candle, Kohler, FINCA, and many more.

Career Opportunities

-software development
-product management
-marketing software

Career Handout

About Our Exhibit

Each group is given a couple of photos to look at. Each group determines descriptive words (or descriptive metadata tags) to describe the photos and what tags they would use to categorize them in order to find them again. We will then do on-the-spot searches based on their descriptive words to see if we can easily find the photos again. Our hope is to show how important organization is to your digital content but to also showcase how everyone has a different view of how something should be tagged or described and the importance of recognizing that.

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