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Congrats to Max!


Max Casper

Last year, over 4500 students, and 86 total exhibitors participated in the FutureQuest 2022 event. The Dane County School Consortium is happy to announce the return of the 6th annual FutureQuest, on November 29th, 2023. The current FutureQuest logo dates back all the way to 2017, and DCSC needed a modern redesign for 2023. To solve this problem, our team provided a logo design contest for every FutureQuest 2022 participant to create their very own logo. After careful consideration, our team has selected the winning logo to be used at this year’s event shown above!



This winning logo design belongs to Max Casper of Sherman Middle School! The Future Quest Team held an awards ceremony for Max’s winning logo design at Sherman Middle School in Madison on Tuesday May 23rd, 2023, at 7:30 a.m.

Thanks to all who participated and another huge congrats to Max!

Old logo to new


Max's logo pictured above!

Future Quest 2022 Design Contest

Pictured above is Max at his awards ceremony in May!

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