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WI Department of Natural Resources (Nat./Bus)

WI Department of Natural Resources (Nat./Bus)

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Business Description

The DNR is dedicated to working with the citizens and businesses of Wisconsin while preserving and enhancing the natural resources of Wisconsin. In partnership with individuals and organizations, DNR staff manage fish, wildlife, forests, parks, air and water resources while promoting a healthy, sustainable environment and a full range of outdoor opportunities.

Career Opportunities

-HR Specialist
-HR Assistant
-Payroll and Benefits Specialist
-Human resources professionals may have a variety of duties or they may specialize in
certain duties such as…
 Recruiting – Advertising job openings and encouraging people to apply.
 Selection and Hiring – Coordinating job interviews and selecting the best
candidate for the job.
 Equal Opportunity – Ensuring everyone is treated fairly when applying for jobs
and while at work.
 Payroll and Benefits – Making sure people are paid correctly and on time and that
they understand and receive their benefits (time off, insurance, retirement, etc)
 Employee Relations – Making sure people know the work rules and expectations,
and assisting supervisors to address performance and discipline issues.
 Training – Provide training on a variety of topics by developing and presenting
training and by arranging for others to conduct training for DNR staff.
 And more!

Career Handout

About Our Exhibit

Learn what it’s like to work in Human Resources (HR) for the State of Wisconsin
Department of Natural Resources. Talk to current employees about how they got into
HR, why they like this career, and get advice on how you can do this too!

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