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Business Description

For 75 years Rhyme has helped organizations of all types and sizes meet their business technology goals. Although technology has changed a lot over the years, one thing remains the same, our commitment to what’s important, the customer. Rhyme has earned the reputation of an award-winning company by being dedicated to the “little things” and always doing what’s right, no matter what.
Our passionate employees take personal pride in being the best they can be
– We Dream, Believe, Do...

Career Opportunities

-Field Service Technician
-IT Client Services Specialist
-IT Services Technician

Career Handout

About Our Exhibit

Troubleshoot Python code on a Raspberry Pi. Can you figure out why the LED will not light up?

Identify components of a laptop and/or desktop computer, troubleshoot common computer startup issues

Test network cables and learn about the components of twisted pair cabling—quite a lot going on in that little wire! Can you identify defective/bad cable

Review resources and learn how you can code and learn to program with Minecraft on the Raspberry

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