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Madison College Construction and Remodeling Program

Madison College Construction and Remodeling Program

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Business Description

We teach you to build. We are a 1-year Technical Education Program Teaching Carpentry

Career Opportunities

Construction and Remodeling program students at Madison College come from all walks of life, but they all share an interest in learning the most current construction techniques for completing projects small to large, rough to refined. After completing the Construction and Remodeling program, graduates go on to employment in all areas of the construction industry,from commercial to residential, new construction to remodeling. As a Construction and Remodeling student, you will Learn hands-on how to complete a project from prints and specifications. Understand site preparation, layout and foundations. Practice framing floors, walls, ceilings and roofs and related carpentry tasks. Install shingles, windows, doors, stairs, exterior trim, siding, cabinets and interior trim. Gain experience working in all phases of home construction including estimating materials, understanding building codes and maintaining tools and equipment. Prepare for a career in residential construction, remodeling, and commercial construction.

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About Our Exhibit

Do you want to climb, build, be creative, work with your hands, and solve problems? Are you interested in a physically active job? do you like being outside? How about Geometric thinking? Yes?! Carpentry might be for you! In our one-year program we teach how to build a house. Who doesn't want to build their own house? Carpentry is a satisfying, well paying, career with lots of opportunity to expand into project management, estimating, Design, engineering, and more, plus The pride felt at the end of a project is real. Our industry needs you, yes you. The face of our industry is changing. Could it be yours?

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