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City of Madison - Engineering Division

City of Madison - Engineering Division

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Business Description

The mission of the City of Madison Engineering Division is to provide a multi-faceted combination of Public Works services to the citizens and customers of Madison in a fair and consistent manner that allows for and encourages public input. The Engineering Division is responsible for the design and construction of city facilities, streets, highways, sidewalks, bike path construction, bridges maintained by the City of Madison, stormwater facilities and sanitary sewers. The Division is responsible for all aspects of the Storm Utility, Sewer Utility and the Landfill Fee.

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About Our Exhibit

The Engineering Division’s GreenPower program prepares participants for employment opportunities in the solar energy and electrical industries while also increasing the City’s generation of renewable energy and decreasing its carbon footprint. Each year the City hires applicants from non-traditional trades backgrounds as trainees to work alongside Engineering Division Electricians to install solar photovoltaic systems on City facilities. Over the course of the program the trainees receive classroom training in basic photovoltaics (PV) and safety along with on-the-job training performing each step of the photovoltaic system installation. The GreenPower program began in 2016 and has recently begun its Eighth year with a new group of trainees who are starting the programs newest projects at the Madison Police Training Facility and Engineering Emil Street Facility.

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