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City of Madison-Madison Public Library

City of Madison-Madison Public Library

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Business Description

Madison Public Library - your place to learn, share, and create!
People with varying levels of education and a wide variety of interests work in libraries. There are people who build libraries, those who keep the buildings clean and safe, those who put books in order and place them on the shelves so others can find what they need, those who provide cutting edge technology, those who work with schools and the community to provide fun, innovative programs, those who read to babies, those who work with teens and those who work with seniors. Librarians and library workers help people in all kinds of ways. If you like working with your community and making a difference in your city, this might be the perfect place for you to work!

Career Opportunities

Librarians & Library assistants
Clerks and office staff
Maintenance workers
Security monitors
Professional staff - web designers, accountants, planners, managers
Library pages/assistants - must be 16 years old

About Our Exhibit

Watch our video, right, to learn more about Madison Public Library.

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