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City of Madison- Engineering Division

City of Madison- Engineering Division

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Business Description

The Engineering Division is responsible for the design and construction of city facilities, streets, highways, sidewalks, bike path construction, bridges maintained by the City of Madison, stormwater facilities and sanitary sewers. The Division is responsible for all aspects of the Storm Utility, Sewer Utility and the closed landfills.

Career Opportunities

Civil Engineer - designing streets, sidewalks, utility pipes, and stormwater ponds.

Construction Inspector - observing and ensuring City streets are properly built.

Project Manager or Architect - overseeing the design, construction, and maintenance of City buildings.

Engineering Equipment Operators – maintaining City streets, sidewalks, utility pipes, ponds, and landfills so they stay in good working condition.

Geographic Information Specialist (GIS) – maintain the City map and land information records.

Career Handout

About Our Exhibit

City of Madison Engineering Department designs, builds, and maintains our stormwater and sanitary sewer pipes. Learn more about how we utilize gravity for the sewer system and stormwater ponds work.

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